,22 veteran suicides a day is 22 too many.

Let’s come together and bring friendships and healing to our veterans.

Operation Cherrybend is a 5 day event welcoming combat wounded veterans. This event brings together people who would otherwise never have met and forms a network of support and friendships. Through music, adventure, fellowship—this is where the healing begins.

Annual Agenda
September 13-17, 2023

Wednesday Afternoon
Arrival -Registration

Wednesday Evening
Paintball “Capture the Flag”
Opening ceremony and campfire

Thursday Morning
Fishing Tournament 

Thursday Evening

Knife making workshop
Jam Session and R&R

Friday Morning

Skydiving and Golf

Friday Evening
Heroes Concert  and auction  (limited tickets available)

Silent Auction

Food Trucks

Featuring: Tracy Lawrence!

plus an army of songwriters and musicians TBD

Jason Michael Carroll, Sal Gonzalez, Buddy Owens, Mark Ramsey, Galen Griffin, Ray Stephenson

Saturday Morning
Shooting Competition Tournament

Saturday Evening

Awards and Fellowship Evening


Sunday Morning
Closing Ceremony and Departure

Every year the Operation Cherrybend 100% volunteer Team organizes and executes a major event. This 5 day long event pulls together the community and its veterans to help facilitate the stay and entertainment of up to 45 combat wounded veterans. The intent is to bring together like-minded people to form a community that helps those that are struggling and to expand their network of support through fellowship.

Through adventure, music and community—that is exactly what is happening. This network is growing as the alumni list runs deep. These veterans are all now connected for resources including: physical & emotional support, and new friendships from people who just “get it”. And, are welcome in a community who accepts them as they are, scars and all. Inside and out.

How it all began…
The History behind the music at Operation Cherrybend begins with a songwriter, Jared Ashley and a collection of Nashville singer/songwriters visiting the Farm and hosting 10 Combat Veterans in 2014 to benefit the Flight Deck Veterans Group. 

The idea of a wounded warrior event to tie in music with outdoor adventure was a success. “Their passion for our veterans runs deep; it just seemed like a natural fit to host this annual event at Cherrybend. Being able to combine two of my passions during this week long event has been a dream come true for me.” said Ashley.

As the Event grew and became so deeply rooted  in the community, it became clear that the event needed to be a stand alone non-profit and Operation Cherrybend 501c3 was born in December 2018!

The Ellis Family, owners of Cherrybend Pheasant Farm, close the business for 6 days to host the event.  Use of the Farm and the large facility is donated to the the organization without charge. Being farmers is a special way of life and the Ellis Family is grateful to our Veterans for their sacrifices. This is their way of giving back.  

“Operation Cherrybend’s mission is to thank these wounded veterans for their courageous sacrifice to our country, show them how much we care about them now, and that we love and support them long after the uniform has come off.” said Beth Ellis, co-owner of Cherrybend. “The more we educate the general public about the trials and ongoing challenges of wounded veterans, and veterans struggles, the better understanding the public will have in order to meet their needs.“

Every day 22 American veterans commit suicide. Those are astounding numbers that Operation Cherrybend seeks to change.

Operation Cherrybend is an active 501(c)(3) with EIN 83-2249729

Mailing Address: 

Operation Cherrybend

2326 Cherrybend Rd.

Wilmington, OH 45177

Contact: Beth Ellis, President 937-218-5535