Each year we select a crew of Veterans to participate in the entire week of Operation Cherrybend through an application process. If you would like to participate, please click below to submit your application.

Requirements: Combat or Combat wounded Veterans

What to expect:  Meet and enjoy a 5 day event with other veterans that includes- tent camping, dove hunting, fishing, shooting sports, coyote hunting, knife-making workshop, skydiving, airplane rides, and gathering around the campfire to listen to live guitar music by songwriters.

Each selected participant must commit to the whole 5 day event. Travel expenses and all food and activities are included. 


Veteran Applications Open April 1st Every year.

September 13-17, 2023 OpCbend Veteran Retreat Week

Click the “About” page to see a sample Agenda of the activities.

Would you like to participate in one of our small group excursions?  Please click the link below that you are interested in and register. These excursions are at no cost for your to participate, you just have to travel in at your own expense! We appreciate you and want you to have a great summer with some of these activities. Just need to be a veteran to qualify! Registration will close when it is full. 


Do you want to help or be part of the volunteer crew? Sometimes we need a helping hand!

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Jason Koger – is a bilateral arm amputee after a horrific ATV accident. He became the first bilateral arm amputee to receive bionic hands and has since been the first amputee to receive bionic hands that is controlled by an app in the world.

Jason has been featured on CNN, CNN Dr Guota Show, Hawaii 5-0 Hookman episode, Aljazerra American Network show called Tecknow, 30 year Apple Commercial, Skullbound TV on sportsmen channel, the AP, NWTF magazine, neurology Now magazine, and several other things. Jason is a inspiration to everybody he comes in contact with especially combat wounded veterans who have come home from war missing arms. Jason was born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky. Jason is married and they have 3 children.

To learn more about Jason Koger please click here: